Is acupuncture effective for back pain?

Is acupuncture effective for back pain?

The pain of back is one of the most frequent causes of medical consultation and sick leave.

It is often difficult to find a good answer to the treatments.

The acupuncture is a highly effective treatment in pains of back.

Simply insert Small, painless needles acupuncture, produces arrival blood and energy At this point and carry substances They will reduce the inflammation, and also will produce relaxation muscle by the mere fact of putting a needle into a muscle.acupresion

During treatment information will reach the brain and this will produce substances that of a drone relaxation and sense of wellbeing.

The forecast will be different depending on the cause of pain. It is the same pain caused by osteoarthritis several years evolution, an dolor lumbar by acute overload or overexertion, or a hernia disc, by the latigazo cervical, etc..

In the case of the osteoarthritis we will need several treatment sessions to observe improvement, As would happen if osteoporosis. In a low back pain acute, we will observe improvement from day. In the cases of pain of back caused by hernia disc, we can treat whether surgery is posed as if conservative treatment is recommended. In all cases we can help decrease pain and inflammation. It is also useful after surgery to accelerate the process.

With acupuncture can effectively treat both pains cervical, as backache and lumbago, and pains , even those due to trauma the fall.

The great advantage of treatment with acupuncture apart from its great effectiveness is that in going to present Side effects, nor is contraindicated with other medications or therapies.

In some cases it will significantly reduce the pain, and in other cases it can be completely cured to.

In some cases due to chronic disease, maintenance treatment is advised in acupuncture.

In this article the doctor informs us about the benefits that can result in acupuncture and acupressure therefore, pressure on acupuncture points in, which is one of the therapies that are done automatically in the device DR DAGA’S ® Spine Flex Jade Massage Bed™ . By applying the same technique would expect similar results for acupuncture treatments carried out in relation to the spine.

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