Everything I came for has improved

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I have been suffering with pain in my back, shoulder and knee for about 10 years. I found out from my GP that I have scoliosis.  The pain made me feel miserable.  I had difficulty climbing the stairs and couldn’t lift things high because of pain in my shoulders.

I tried acupuncture and physio but they didn’t help much.

When I first came to Dr Daga’s Master V3 PLus Bed 3 years ago I wondered what on earth was going on with people all lying on beds.  Everyone was really friendly when I first came to ask so I came back the next day to try.  It was very very painful.  I didn’t think I would come back.

I go to the Dr Daga’s Centre every day .

I felt much better and soon started to be able to climb the stairs and after some time a friend said I looked much better and didn’t stoop over all hunched up.

Everything I came for has improved. I still sometimes feel uncomfortable pain when the jade roller goes up my back where the curve is.

I notice the difference when I don’t use Dr Daga’s for a week say when I’m on holiday.

I feel a lot happier and more lively and big smiles.

I plan to keep using Dr Daga’s regularly.  I would say to people just keep coming – it will be the best thing you’ve ever done – eventually. Just go and try it.

Lots of thanks to the lovely staff at Dr Daga’s.


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