Cured From Asthama

. my improvements are breathing 10/10, my stomach 10/10, my stress 10/10

I have had asthma from birth and stomach problems and stress since September 2011. I have been using medications like fibrogel to help with my bowel movements, antibiotics and blue and brown inhalers for my breathing. My stomach problems caused headaches and migraines.  I thought it might help with my IBS but amazed that it has helped with my asthma – I hardly use my inhaler now.  My doctor can’t believe my asthma has gone and has done tests since.  I feel happier, healthier, more energy and uplifted.  I am also sleeping and eating better. I think a lot of my problems are because of stress and letting things get to me. I became withdrawn and liked to be on my own. My confidence was low. My sister mentioned Dr Daga's Master V3 PLus Jade Massage Bed to me and then I happened to walk past one day and saw the window signs.  The new surroundings of the Centre made me feel nervous.  I thought that they might send me home when I first came because of my age. My first treatment was very uncomfortable and I didn’t think it would work.  The second time I felt a boost.  I started using Dr Daga's Master V3 PLus Jade Massage Bed 3 times a week.  That was about 18 months ago and the Centre feels like a second home now.  I  use Dr Daga's Master V3 PLus Jade Massage Bed 5 to 6 days a week.  I am feeling so good. As I started to get better, I had healing reactions for a short time; stomach pain and shoulder pain.  Now my improvements are breathing 10/10, my stomach 10/10, my stress 10/10! I think my problems would have developed further if I didn’t use Dr Daga's Master V3 PLus Jade Massage Bed.  I intend to use Dr Daga's Master V3 PLus Jade Massage Bed as long as it is in Preston.  If Dr Daga's Master V3 PLus Jade Massage Bed moves I’ll have to move.  I’m so lucky its only a 15 minute walk from home.  It’s such an important part of my life.  Thank you. If you try Dr Daga's Master V3 PLus Jade Massage Bed don’t judge it from the first session, keep coming, give it time, you’ll be amazed by what it helps with.  Don’t lose hope or faith.  14/08/2013 Asthma, IBS, stress, lack of confidence

Satish Patil

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Everything I came for has improved

I have been suffering with pain in my back, shoulder and knee for about 10 years. I found out from my GP that I have scoliosis.  The pain made me feel miserable.  I had difficulty climbing the stairs and couldn’t lift things high because of pain in my shoulders.

I tried acupuncture and physio but they didn’t help much. When I first came to Dr Daga's Master V3 PLus Bed 3 years ago I wondered what on earth was going on with people all lying on beds.  Everyone was really friendly when I first came to ask so I came back the next day to try.  It was very very painful.  I didn’t think I would come back. I go to the Dr Daga's Centre every day . I felt much better and soon started to be able to climb the stairs and after some time a friend said I looked much better and didn’t stoop over all hunched up. Everything I came for has improved. I still sometimes feel uncomfortable pain when the jade roller goes up my back where the curve is. I notice the difference when I don’t use Dr Daga's for a week say when I’m on holiday. I feel a lot happier and more lively and big smiles. I plan to keep using Dr Daga's regularly.  I would say to people just keep coming – it will be the best thing you’ve ever done – eventually. Just go and try it. Lots of thanks to the lovely staff at Dr Daga's.

Shubhar Joshi

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Mr Kamle Suffering From Sciatica

In general DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX has transformed my life

I have been suffering with sciatica for two years.  I am told the problem is that there is scar tissue, from surgery on a prolapsed disc, pressing on my sciatic nerve. The pain was such that I was unable to stand still, I couldn’t sit down or drive, I had to sleep on the lounge floor because I couldn’t sleep in my bed. I was only getting about one hour’s sleep every night.  I was due to go on a family holiday and I passed my place on to a close friend because I wouldn’t be able to sit on the plane. I have been using pain-relief patches, anti-depressants, tramadol, paracetamol and anti-inflammatories. A friend told me about DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX  and took me to the Centre the first time. That was two months ago. My first treatment felt strange; it felt like I was bruised.  I took it easy at first – I came a few days and then had a day off.  Now I use DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX  4 or 5 times a week. I experienced big improvements after 2 weeks.  I am now able to sit for a while and can drive again. I can stand still could hardly touch my knees before and now I can easily touch my calves. I am sleeping 6 to 7 hours each night and thankfully sleeping in my bed again. I am feeling great, more relaxed and more flexible. I have still got an aggravating pain deep in my lower back but it is nowhere near like it was before.  I am only taking paracetamol and anti-inflammatory tablets twice a day. I don’t take any other medication. If I were to rate the change in pain out of ten; before DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX  it was between 8 and 10 and now it is more like between 1 and 3. If I didn’t use DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX  the pain would probably come back because I feel it is maintaining my health.  Anyone who has started using DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX , persevere and keep coming regularly. I have been off work now for 3 months and the Consultant has given me a sick note until end of January 2014.  I plan to get a bed of my own when I get back to work. I’ve now started going on hikes (6-8 kms), doing daily stretching exercises at home and back at the gym doing gentle exercises. So, in general, DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX  has transformed my life.


My posture, running style, sleep and wellbeing has improved

I have had this problem for 18 months. I have tried sports massage, acupuncture and lots of medicines.

I think the problem was caused by body imbalance and possibly over training when injured. It disrupted my sleep, I was unable to train or run and had some depression and irritability. I was out shopping and a lady saw me and gave me a leaflet. The people were very friendly when I went to DR DAGA'S. My first treatment felt great and I felt improvement. I went every day for one week and then one or two times a week.  I needed to get it right before a marathon. I have had no further pain and I am so much more relaxed generally.  My posture, running style, sleep and wellbeing has improved. I have more confidence when racing and happier generally. I am going to keep using DR DAGA'S , running and staying fit and happy.  I also want to encourage all to give it a go.

Mr Amit Shinde

I haven’t felt this good for years…It’s marvellous; it stretches my back

I have had these problems since the 90s. I’ve spent a lot of money in Hospitals but none helped me 100%.

In the 80s I was nursing in hospital and despite lifting lessons there were often very big patients and it put a strain on my body. I had an operation last year to relieve some nerves but the pain started again in my lower back. I started using DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX Bed Therapy 10 weeks ago most days. My first treatment wasn’t very comfortable. I really like the way it stretches my back – it’s marvellous. I haven’t had any painkillers for 6 weeks now.   It’s great not to have the continual pressure that causes the pain.  I had just put up with the pain all those years. My ankles are no longer swollen and it has helped with my constipation which I didn’t expect it would.  For most of my life I have not gone to the toilet without taking something to help me. It’s wonderful to go to the toilet naturally. Once you feel better you realise how weary you were with all the pain.  Now I feel like singing!  I haven’t felt this good for years.  My husband has really noticed the difference and it was he who said to me why are you waiting until next year to buy a DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY SLDV3 PLUS bed? We are looking forward to having our own bed at home for the whole family and for convenience. Everybody should try DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY even if its for wellbeing, even if you are fit and healthy. I have just bought a DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY SLDV3 PLUS for home and I am loving it!

Mrs Deshpande

My back and shoulder pain has improved and I feel energetic

I have been suffering on and off for about 5 years now. I have tried herbal medications and paracetamol but nothing really helped.

My main problems were caused because of stress and lifestyle and it affected me on a daily basis and was always at the back of my mind. I found out about DR DAGA'S by word of mouth. When I went on the bed the very first day I felt revitalised and I felt different and got an outburst of energy lingering throughout my body. I now use DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY nearly every day and have been for about 6 months. My motivation saying was "Health is Wealth" this is always on my mind and also for loved ones. I had healing reactions after 3 months. I had a burning pain near my chest every evening for nearly a week. I told Julie and she said it is a healing reaction. I was worried but then it felt better and I was also sleeping better. My back and shoulder pain has improved and I feel energetic. If I did not come to DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY I might still have been in pain and would be trying alternative therapies. I feel better in myself and I feel less stressed and relaxed.  I'd like to say to everybody to please try Spine Flex Therepy. There is no cost and you will only realised how good it is when your health has improved or any pain has gone. There is no loss in trying DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY so give it a go. I am going to carry on using DR DAGA'S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY!

Satish Patil