My back and shoulder pain has improved and I feel energetic

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I have been suffering on and off for about 5 years now. I have tried herbal medications and paracetamol but nothing really helped.

My main problems were caused because of stress and lifestyle and it affected me on a daily basis and was always at the back of my mind.

I found out about DR DAGA’S by word of mouth.

When I went on the bed the very first day I felt revitalised and I felt different and got an outburst of energy lingering throughout my body.

I now use DR DAGA’S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY nearly every day and have been for about 6 months. My motivation saying was “Health is Wealth” this is always on my mind and also for loved ones.

I had healing reactions after 3 months. I had a burning pain near my chest every evening for nearly a week. I told Julie and she said it is a healing reaction. I was worried but then it felt better and I was also sleeping better.

My back and shoulder pain has improved and I feel energetic. If I did not come to DR DAGA’S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY I might still have been in pain and would be trying alternative therapies.

I feel better in myself and I feel less stressed and relaxed.  I’d like to say to everybody to please try Spine Flex Therepy. There is no cost and you will only realised how good it is when your health has improved or any pain has gone.

There is no loss in trying DR DAGA’S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY so give it a go. I am going to carry on using DR DAGA’S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY!


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