1. Improve microcirculation, relieve fatiguetharapy eye healthy
2. Physiotherapy relax facial mask
3. Tourmaline germaniums eye mask
4. Soft, cozy fabric
5. Reduce stress, tension, calming, relaxing

Jade physiotherapy is effectively remove evils of wind, cold, dampness and heat, beneficiate for headache, joint pain, numbness of limbs and other symptoms which is caused by bad cervical, bad lumbar spine, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

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DR DAGA’S health care Eye Cover is a miraculous therapeutic Korean Tourmaline Eye Cover created by firing/sintering the ultra-

microparticulate mixture of tourmaline, germanium, elvan and volcanic rock at 1300℃ – Celsius.

It is designed for unisex with solid elastic string and Tourmaline Hexagonal Stones. Tourmaline Hexagonal Stones emits far-infrared rays and anions.

The easiest way to get the health benefits of original tourmaline stones all the day


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