My posture, running style, sleep and wellbeing has improved

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I have had this problem for 18 months. I have tried sports massage, acupuncture and lots of medicines.

I think the problem was caused by body imbalance and possibly over training when injured.

It disrupted my sleep, I was unable to train or run and had some depression and irritability.

I was out shopping and a lady saw me and gave me a leaflet. The people were very friendly when I went to DR DAGA’S. My first treatment felt great and I felt improvement.

I went every day for one week and then one or two times a week.  I needed to get it right before a marathon.

I have had no further pain and I am so much more relaxed generally.  My posture, running style, sleep and wellbeing has improved.

I have more confidence when racing and happier generally. I am going to keep using DR DAGA’S , running and staying fit and happy.  I also want to encourage all to give it a go.


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