I haven’t felt this good for years…It’s marvellous; it stretches my back

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I have had these problems since the 90s. I’ve spent a lot of money in Hospitals but none helped me 100%.

In the 80s I was nursing in hospital and despite lifting lessons there were often very big patients and it put a strain on my body.

I had an operation last year to relieve some nerves but the pain started again in my lower back.

I started using DR DAGA’S SPINE FLEX Bed Therapy 10 weeks ago most days. My first treatment wasn’t very comfortable. I really like the way it stretches my back – it’s marvellous.

I haven’t had any painkillers for 6 weeks now.   It’s great not to have the continual pressure that causes the pain.  I had just put up with the pain all those years. My ankles are no longer swollen and it has helped with my constipation which I didn’t expect it would.  For most of my life I have not gone to the toilet without taking something to help me. It’s wonderful to go to the toilet naturally.

Once you feel better you realise how weary you were with all the pain.  Now I feel like singing!  I haven’t felt this good for years.  My husband has really noticed the difference and it was he who said to me why are you waiting until next year to buy a DR DAGA’S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY SLDV3 PLUS bed?

We are looking forward to having our own bed at home for the whole family and for convenience.

Everybody should try DR DAGA’S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY even if its for wellbeing, even if you are fit and healthy.

I have just bought a DR DAGA’S SPINE FLEX BED THEREPY SLDV3 PLUS for home and I am loving it!


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